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How To Get Help Paying Your Rent

Have questions? Call HUD’s free Housing Counseling Line at 1 (800) 569-4287.
Are you in danger of being evicted because you can’t pay your rent? If so, take the following steps before things get worse:  
  1. Review your lease. Make sure you understand the terms of late or missed rent payments. Find out how many days late you can be on rent or if there are any late fees. Keep in mind that a landlord cannot legally charge you a late fee if late fees are not mentioned in the lease.
  2. Talk to your landlord. If you don’t think you’ll be able to make your rent payment, explain the situation to your landlord. Be straightforward and keep it simple. Avoid throwing a pity party.
  3. If you can, pay a portion of the rent right away. Your landlord may be willing to work with you if you’re able to pay some of the rent. Negotiate a date to pay the rest. Pay with a check or money order and ask for a receipt.

Learn more about what to do if you're getting evicted.

If you still need help, contact these programs and organizations:
Rental Assistance Programs
Local housing organizations and programs sponsored by your state or local government may be able to help you pay your rent or utility bills. Visit the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) website and click on your state to find out how they can help you.

HUD-Approved Housing Counseling Agencies
Housing counseling agencies offer advice on buying a home, renting, foreclosures, and other issues. Get a list of HUD-approved agencies in your state.

Legal Assistance
If you feel your landlord is wrongfully trying to evict you, there are organizations that can help. Visit HUD’s website to find tenants’ rights organizations and other assistance in your state. 


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My name is Tami...My husband hasn't work well in almost 3 week's and we do not have enough money to cover our rent,He only made enough to pay our gas bill so it would be warm here in the house for the two girl's that i have...I have a daughter who is almost four and a niece that we are also taking care of that is eight and we are scared that we are not going to be able to come up with the rent and i have called so many place's and can't find any help...So please anything will help.God Bless
My Wife and I are living paycheck to paycheck and got our car stolen last month. My G/F whole dissabilty check goes to rent, and I am a part-time mobile computer technician. In order for me to keep my job, I had to have a car. After 2 weeks of the police not finding our car, and I missed over 10 good jobs, I made a mistake and we spent my wife's check on another car instead of rent, thinking I could easily make up the money. Of course, right then, all the good run of jobs stopped, and now we are a month behind in rent. Because we don't have kids, and I work part-time, we can't get help from anyone. If anyone knows of churches, or anything that can help, please let me know. God Bless. Dan and Cedar Wisner

I need help payin my still lookin 4 a job,have 3 kids we are staying in a2bed room apt,,need all the help i can get right now

Hi Kay, here is a list of state/local rental assistance programs and organizations that can help you pay your rent:

I have a really problem. My landlord told me if I don't come up with $2500 by the end of the month he is going to throw us out.
we have had a tough time with paying our rent. My husband works but it is not enough to get our rent paid. We have one daughter
who is in college right now. She wnats to be a video game designer. She has help with her schooling. I'm not able to work I get disablity. I'm a dibetic. I'm on insulian. I also have to get a operation on my spine. Thank you for listening to me.




I am in need of help. I'm on disability and can't work. My rent is due on Sept.1 I have gone to every web sites to help me with my rent and either they will only pay if I move into a HUD apartments or they help out only if you are renting a house. I'm in an apartment. I need some help very soon!


I moved back to RI in Feb 09, I moved into a house rented to me by a friend. The rent is $700 per month. He has been very patient in waiting for me to find a job or my unemployment to come in. I received a phone call from the landlord's brother today, he is co owner of this house. I was given a 10 day verbal notice to come up with the money or get out! I am still looking for a job, at this point I will take ANY job. I do have 2 sons that live with me, one is developmentally disabled, waiting to hear from Social Security for him. The other son is looking for employment as well. Things are NOT going well. I dont know what else to do! Someone, anyone, please help!


My boyfriend have been struggling since he got laid off back in December. We have been borrowing money from family and we have borrowed so much money now we are in more debt than I ever would of thought. I am a student and neither one of us is working because no one is hiring. WE are behind on ALL of our bills. Our rent was due the 3rd and we still havent paid it.


My husband and I are struggling so bad. We have been late on our $740.00 rent every month since november 2008 and that's where all our money goes. We are expecting our first baby boy any day now and things have been so stressful...we desperately need help.


i know it's hard but keep your head up it will get better i'am expecting my first boy to well it's our first child in december


seeking affordable housing